J.B Priestley's Portrayal of Social Responsibility in An Inspector Calls

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GCSE English Literature - An Inspector Calls

This seminar is in line with GCSE English literature (all exam boards).

"We are members of one body. We are responsible for each other. And I tell you that the time will soon come when, if men will not learn their lesson, then they will be taught in fire and blood and anguish." - Inspector Goole.

Inspector Goole, a far left socialist or the conscience of the Birling family?

Eva Smith, a poor girl down on her luck or the victim of the capitalist laissez faire social structure?

The Birlings, Gerald Croft - each character purposely crafted by Priestley to impart an important message; a message that involves an entire social and governmental reform.

The Seminar

It is our opportunity to learn and explore how each character is involved in the persecution of the lower working class and how each individuals' action has a reactive consequence upon the lesser fortunate members of society, in the case of the play - Eva Smith. Thus, raising the topic of social responsibility, it's role within society and the significance during the play's first showing in 1945.

There will also be a Q&A session at the end answering your questions regarding the play, characters and writing techniques.

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