AQA GCSE English Language Paper 2

The questions are designed to be in line with the current AQA 9-1 examination papers.

This will provide the student with additional practice in preparation for the GCSE Examination, English Language Paper 2, Section A and Section B. The file includes a set of: 5 exam style questions and two extracts, which are both pieces of nonfiction writing.

Parents: This material is perfect for familiarising your child with the AQA exam style questions. They can work through each question step-by-step, which will evoke their in-depth analytical skills and creativity; in turn boosting their confidence.

This material can also be executed under exam style conditions - timed and in silence. The exam must be completed in 1 hour 45 minutes. The time can be broken down between the two sections as follows:

Section A: 6/7 minutes reading the extracts

45 minutes answering questions 1-4 (this time includes proof reading their work)

Section B: 6/7 minutes planning their idea, once they have identified the nonfiction genre, they are required to to write in.

45 minutes writing (this also includes time for proof reading their work)

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