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About Tutor Factory

Tutor Factory has become a reputable educational provider as we pride ourselves on delivering a bespoke tutoring service, whereby each program is tailor made to the specific needs and goals of the students. Tutor Factory’s downloadable educational supplements are all specifically designed to complement the students’ learning, both in the classroom and at home, by encouraging an in-depth understanding of all subject areas.

The Tutor Factory team is comprised of experienced, passionate and dedicated educators, who have an in-depth knowledge of the UK’s educational system; as each member possesses a background within the educational sector. Thus ensuring that each and every session, not only assists in the students’ own personal development, but also aligns with the topics that are covered in their school; resulting in a higher performance rate. 

Each team member is DBS checked to ensure safeguarding.

Tutor Factory was founded and is led by Ildem Mehmet B.A English language and literature/drama with theatre studies (Queen Mary, University of London) M.A Performing Arts (Middlesex University).

As a student she had previously taken roles in theatre in education (T.I.E) projects facilitated by Ali Campbell (Reader in Applied Performance at QMUL – taught by the late Augusto Boal). The work entailed collaborating with the London Philharmonic Orchestra, to create an adaptation of Shakespeare’s Troilus and Cressida, with a local youth group. She then went on to conduct workshops around the theme of ‘Shakespeare in the classroom’ in both primary and secondary schools, in the London borough of Tower Hamlets.

An exciting opportunity at Eastern Mediterranean University (Cyprus), meant that Ildem could go on to extend her practice of theatre in education, teaching in the department of English; whereby the fundamentals of the English language were taught through both traditional and contemporary methods of teaching.

Ildem has since returned to the UK and has moved onto collaborate with ‘We Fortify’, whereby projects and workshops were held to educate niche communities about aspects of health awareness, within London.

Due to a demand, Ildem also offers a proofreading/editing service. Clients include: degree students, PHD students and authors. 

However, Ildem’s main passion lies in tutoring students at all exam levels. She prides herself on holding a 100% pass rate, at A*, A & B standards. As a result of a long waiting list of students and limited time slots; it has led to the creation of Tutor Factory’s own educational supplements, through which students can access the materials/tutorials; in order to enhance their learning at home and increase their performance rate within their school work. In addition to online lectures on GCSE English literature texts, English language analytical and writing skills.