Yahya,  Ashmore Academy

I would like to start off by thanking Miss Ildem for transforming my hatred towards English, into a subject I genuinely looked forward to studying. I would like to thank this amazing individual for allowing me to achieve the grades necessary for me, in order to move onwards into A Levels and doing the subjects I most enjoy at a respectable sixth form, Ashmore Academy. 

It was my tutor’s passion towards teaching English to her students that had driven me to become successful at the first stage of my academic life. 

One peculiar, but rather comical fact about Miss Ildem, is that she has never incorrectly predicted any exam I had taken, since year 9 (that’s three years!!) from minor assessments to major mock exams.

I strongly recommend this phenomenal teacher to any student studying English. Thank you Miss Ildem, for directing me to a path of knowledge, which in turn leads to accomplishment, which in turn leads to exuberance.

I am forever in debt.